Tuesday, January 14, 2014

There's a lot to say about the last month, but the main details revolve around the fact that December went at rapid speed. Christmas week we were rather separated, but New Year's Eve we drank champagne out of the bottle while looking over San Diego's stubby skyline. I'm finding myself drawn to traditions and creating new ones. I hope our little group continues to have Christmas eve eve eve gift exchanges and seances until we're batty. 
Our March trip is coming up, plans are made, and memories of Big Sur's shenanigans are at the front of my mind. It's hard to listen to Beach House's Bloom without thinking about the pit stops off Highway 1 on our way up the coast, and I have a feeling Lord Huron will be this year's choice for our travels toward the high desert. 
Maybe it's time to talk about the little guy for a second. Though it's obvious with the coming of age, he's changing. A lot. Happy, funny, and pouty faces are different, tantrums are arriving and disappearing a little too quick for us to get a handle on, and language is becoming a good way to have fun. I think it's funny that I attempted to document words he was beginning to say a few months ago, especially since now I can tell him to say a word, any word, and he will attempt to spit it back out. The list would include three-word sentences, so we'll just say that he's a parrot.  That's thrilling to know his brain is developing with our help. Again, it seems obvious that his surroundings impact everything being fired in his brain, but it's right in our faces, and I love that we're all a part of it. I also love that we were all a part of his first potty on his throne smack dab in the living room. We screamed with joy, he smiled, and we checked that moment off the milestone list. Still a while for the potty training to actually begin, but he knows he did something great and that's all that matters. 
I've been thinking about documentation and how obsessed our society is with really ridiculous things, and then I think about the fact that I'm right here in its trap. I am confused about the days of Myspace, and even more surprised by how quickly it ended and how quickly we moved on to other forums, but I am so grateful that I got to be a part of that strange, strange beginning to the days of telling people the bologna we think we need to tell people. So here's a mundane, "Facebook status" detail:  pie has taken over my life.