Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday Dinner

Josh came to our side of town last night for a dinner outside. I made lemon orzo with cucumber, feta, and parsley, Meghan made balsamic asparagus, and Josh sliced the French baguette and ate half of it throughout the process. Two days ago, Grandpa gave me five bananas that were on the verge of spoiling, aka perfect for banana bread. Alas, bread was baked! In the mix up of baking powder over baking soda and not having even a cup of sugar (and Josh's desperation for snacks), the three of us ventured out for a moonlit stroll to Rite Aid where we were greeted with the crazies of the city. Or maybe we were the crazies. Pretending to have a date in front of a Bud Lite display with children's sunglasses on is pretty crazy I guess. Josh got his ice cream, Meghan got a compliment from the man "guarding" the door, and I got my supplies needed to finish the damn bread...and some musical inspiration. I made them listen to Fly Like An Eagle about six times in a row and made a loaf that's so moist it might just tip over and collapse. 


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